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Remember - the next scheduled Neighborhood Watch Meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 23 at 6pm at May Ranch Park (on Sorrel and Poppy Street).

Perris Police

Emergency: 9-1-1 or          (951) 684-0911
(951) 210-1000

Riverside County

Code Enforcement

(951) 490-4033


RCFD Perris Fire Station

#1: (951) 940-6970

RCFD North Perris Fire Station #90: (951) 657-4935


Grafitti Removal

Business Hours: (951) 657-3280


Street Maintenance

Business Hours: (951) 657-3280
After Hours/ Emergency:    (951) 359-2987

Eastern Municipal Water District

Business Hours: (800) 426-3693
Report Leaks or Spills:       (800) 698-0400

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to the May Ranch Park Community web-site.  The May Ranch Park Community is located on the North East region of the City of Perris and west of Lake Perris. 

This site was created to keep our community informed of the happenings in our neighborhood.  Please check the web-site periodically to get information about upcoming events and meeting announcements.  

We hope that you enjoy the content of this page.  If you have any concerns or ideas that you would like to share with the Community please contact us (see the section below).  Also, if you have any suggestions on content or ideas on how to make this site more interesting or user friendly please contact us.

Today's Announcement

The next Neighborhood Watch Meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 23rd at 6pm at May Ranch Park.

News Story

Thank you to all that have attended the meetings the last several months!  Our last meetings have been very productive and informative.  We've discussed many pressing issues and have resolved many of the concerns and problems that existed at May Ranch Park.  For example the broken facilities have been fixed, graffiti has been cleaned up, dog bags for waste and trash cans have been installed.   As a matter of fact, the work has not gone unnoticed.  Our efforts have been covered by the the Press Enterprise.

English Article:

Spanish Article:

Thank you Council Member Rodriguez and all of the City staff for supporting the May Ranch Park Community!!!

Thank you for your assistance and hard work in making all the repairs.  We are hopeful that in future we will be able to meet with all the other City Council Members.

Now that the Park has been repaired, it's going to be up to the members of the Neighborhood Watch group to keep an eye on the park.  That's why we have the following announcement:


Recent Happenings

First, reporting problems to City Hall staff has improved tremendously!  Reports to the City have been attended to much faster than before.  Response times have been more speedy.  Remember we've signed up the May Ranch Park Community at SeeClickFix (see below) to be able to report and track problems.  It's my hope that this tool will put City Hall on notice that our concerns should not be ignored.   

Second, please keep up the good work and continue to be vigilant.  We all know that sharing information with each other, the City and the Perris Police Department will result in a safer Neighborhood.  Also, remember that we met with County of Riverside Code Enforcement and they are willing to help us.  Therefore, I listed their contact information on this page.

Here is a TIP from people that have reported suspicious activity.  When calling the Police please let them know you are a member of the May Ranch Park Neighborhood Watch group and provide them with as much "clear" detail as possible.  For example, if there is a suspicious car, try to identify how many people are in the car and the make, model, color and year of the car.  Also, if you can get the license plate that will be much appreciated by the officers.  Then provide them a brief description of the suspicious activity.

an email account for the group has been created.  Members of this group will see emails from  If you have neighbors or friend that wish to join the group and they want to be notified of upcoming events, they should contact us at the above email address.   

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